A story from the road of life:

After living on the beautiful island of Ibiza for 13 years existence brought me to India in late 1978. I had decided to go to visit the Rajneesh ashram in Poona after seeing the amazing changes that my dear friend Tom had gone through by becoming a disciple. Needless to say I was completely blown away and became a disciple myself. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh changed my name from Barry Boudreaux to Swami Anand Buddha on January 5th 1979 and since that day my life took on a new direction. I lived in Poona for many years and every moment was rewarding in so many ways that it would take many pages to express all the bliss and the magic that unfolded. It is difficult to choose one of the many magical moments but I have decided to share this one that happened during those years in hopes that it may enlighten the reader of the state of awareness Bhagwan lived in.

After I became one of Bhagwan's personal bodyguards I was sitting by his door one night. I had just taken my position in front of his door where I would be sitting for the entire night. Anyone who was allowed to be close to him had made an agreement with him to never eat any animal products or wear any clothing that originally came from animals because of his sensitivity to it.

Within a few minutes of sitting there Vivek, who was the woman who took care of Bhagwan, came out of his room and looked at me strangely and said. "Buddha, did you eat something that was not vegan today... possibly eggs ?" I replied "Of course not... why do you ask ?" She looked at me with doubt and replied "Bhagwan can feel that something is different with you tonight... like you may possibly have eaten something animal" I immediately found myself double checking my memory of everything I had consumed that day... and was positive that it was impossible to have mistakenly eaten something with animal.  "Vivek I am positive I did not have anything animal today, or any day since I have been living in the ashram" She looked at me for a while with her big beautiful eyes and accepted my answer and went back into Bhagwan's room. Within a few minutes she came out again and said "He says something is wrong with you tonight Buddha... do you have any wool soxs or underwear on, or something animal on you.... Bhagwan is positive there is something different with you tonight and he said it is something animal"  I never doubted anything Bhagwan said or felt because I had been living with him for almost a year and knew his amazing state of awareness... I had experienced too many times his ability to 'feel' when something was not right. "take off your hakama, which was the uniform all of Bhagwan's personal bodygurads wore... it was the traditional Japanese Samurai uniform given to us, I want to make sure.... and don't get cute this is serious" I undressed not feeling shy because Vivek and I had been lovers for several months.

I stood there with just my 100% cotton underwear and soxs on which she examined.... the only other thing I had on was the mala around my neck. She looked at my mala and told me to take it off so she could examine it. As I was taking off the mala and handing it to her the whole issue became shockingly clear. There was a white bead I had added to my mala that day when I restrung it... a carved bead from Bali someone dear had given to me which I had placed on the back of my mala so the bead would be on the nape of my neck and under my long hair completely unseen. She immediately fingered the white bead and said "what is this... is this ivory?" I felt like shit and said "yes I think it may be ivory.... I'm sorry, I did not realize it could be made of ivory when I restrung my mala today. She looked at me for a few seconds scolding me with her silence, then said "get another guard to sit in your position and go to your room and remove it.... I'll inform Bhagwan,, and please Buddha be more aware from now on." Once again I was reminded of the state of awareness this amazing being lived in, and how quickly he felt that little ivory bead come into his energy field... even outside his door.

When Bhagwan left Poona and went to America he asked me to remain in the ashram until most of the foreigners left. Due to a problem I had left behind in America I was not allowed to go with him because he did not want any problems going through customs. I remained living in the ashram until most of the foreigners did leave, then went to the Himalayas for many months and then down to the beaches of Goa. The ashram had been my home for all those years and being on the road again was strange but full of a newness that was exciting.

Later I found myself back in New Orleans building a house and settling back into the Louisiana bubble. I got married and for ten years just enjoyed life but deep in my heart there was always a pull to return to India and go deeper into my spiritual life. In 1995 my marriage fell apart and I went to Florida and got involved with working with wild dolphins in Key West and then moved on to the Bahamas to expand this work.

It was on the island of Bimini that I met my beloved Bhavani, who was also doing the same kind of work. She was living in New Zealand and told me wonderful stories of the dolphins there... and the beauty of that country. After a summer of working in Bimini Bhavani returned to New Zealand and I went back to Louisiana. We had connected very strongly while working together and before long I found myself on a silver jet heading for New Zealand.
The beauty of New Zealand was just unbelievable and I fell in love with this country the very first day as we drove from Auckland to the Bay of Islands. That same year Bhavani and I got married and started a business together called Delphines Centre. We had a 50 foot boat built and continued to take groups of people out swimming with dolphins... it was a spiritual dolphin encounter. We took groups out for one week on the boat and did meditations, breath work, body work etc. and had face to face encounters with wild dolphins. We did this for many years and then sold the business and just focused on our meditation centre. We were inviting awakened teachers to come give satsang at our centre.

One of the teachers we invited was a beautiful world teacher named Rahasya. When he came he not only gave a beautiful satsang he did something amazing which was called Deeksha. He placed his hands on each person's head and a transfer of divine energy was received by all of us. It was something he had been initiated to give at a place called the Oneness University in India. The deeksha experience was so powerful that ten days later my wife and I were at the Oneness University doing what is called the 21 day process. We were initiated on June 5, 2005 and since that beautiful day we have been sharing the phenomena of Deeksha all over the world.

One of the amazing things is that the Avatar at this University is called Bhagwan as well. So my life has been blessed with two enlightened beings called Bhagwan... and both of them has enhanced my life more than I can ever explain. In the last few years Bhavani and I have given Deeksha to over ten thousand people... in India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America and Canada.... we have just been invited to go to China, Singapore and Brazil. So from the island of Ibiza to these beautiful days in New Zealand my life has been completely full... and I am sure the best is yet to come.

With love,

About the Author

Buddha & Bhavani Boudreaux live in New Zealand. They travel all over the world sharing the Oneness Blessing (also known as Deeksha) and helping countless people awaken into Oneness. Their lives are completely devoted to the global awakening of Humanity.