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1: Afghani Bazaar
A Sightless musicianSinging Dari to himselfisWearing a drab brownhand spunLong shirt to his kneesFull baggy pantsSturdy shoes with us tireTreadsSits among othersDrumming Down the sunUnder the vaulted..

2: Yellow woman chicken curry Penang style
In some countries the recipe handed down from motherTo daughterIs silenceThey are assaulted bynot allowing their imaginationsTo flower and they endlesslyRepeat themselves withSelf-revealing..

3: crow remembering
remembering .............One crow vignette from Benares Old man Sadhu coming from The Kumbah Mela Covered in ash Naked and top knottedWith streaks of red onHis foreheadIs crowned by marigoldsAnd..

4: A days walk up the street
A days walk up the street in Penang In this part of Malaysia on the verdant island of Penang Live hundreds of Tamil Indians With their cultures Lilting cadences Their saris and brilliant Satins Hindu..

5: Sri Lanka a crow remembering bashkajacobs
A restaurant in Hikkaduwa   The Cool Spot is a ramshackle Building with a worn out porch It is painted an odd color And sags in the center And is covered with a moth Eaten screen The flies are..

6: A quiet day outside of Taipei a crow remembering by bashka jacobs
Just a quiet day Sitting in the hot tub Fed by a sulfur spring Outside of Taipei Looking out of the long open windows The waves of grass Covered the mountain And moved like swells in the sea There..

7: Drinking Chai and The Giant Buddha of Bamijan
  Bamijan Afghanistan The Giant Buddha and drinking chai     In the valley of the Hindu Kush Below the purple and white Peaks sits a place of dark Rich colors and  Quiet  that surrounds The..

8: Bombay Slum by bashka jacobs
Another design Bombay Slum Small fires in the city streets Send curling smoke Between the dense buildings Making a funnel that moves On the wind Debris and dumpsters Provide living space for The old..

9: Tamil prostitute in Bombay by Bashka Jacobs
Young Tamil Prostitute in Bombay  Enticing as a black  widow spider Preparing for her long  awaited lover She painted her lips a glorious red Made two pink ovals on her cheeks And slid blue..

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