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In the mirror

Article Submitted By: PeterVivianeCoplon
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 Time: 6:48 AM

the image was there in the mirror this morning when I got out of bed

I have seen it in oh so many places and various phases
on Himalayan heights and crossing Death Valley
when I was lost alone,
searching for the love of my life

through the darkest of nights and the grief after strife
it had my attention as my children were born and grew
saw it in places I wish I had never seen
also the spots where I was glad to have been

my life diminished and often flourished
ever hovering just within reach
always close at hand in India & central Asia
looking over my shoulder as we lived the California dreaming

the sun always shining,unless it wasn't
the love was there ever a constant
standing above me as I lay groveling and crying
at the news of my Daughters dying

yes that day something changed
there could never be a same
but life cannot be just of pain
it is inevitable there must be joy & gain

getting knocked down is all part of the game
it is getting back up when one overcomes the strain
as I look in that mirror
I very well know that image I see is most definitely me

the wizened old man that I know so well in the mirror
wondering if I am the man of wisdom upon reflection I had hoped to be.


About the Author

Peter Viviane Coplon works on Planet Earth & went to the school of Hard Knox

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