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Tamil prostitute in Bombay by Bashka Jacobs

Article Submitted By: BashkaJacobs
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 Time: 3:26 PM

Young Tamil Prostitute in Bombay

 Enticing as a black

 widow spider

Preparing for her long

 awaited lover

She painted her lips

a glorious red

Made two pink ovals on her cheeks

And slid blue on top

 of her almond shaped


Her child like body

 Exhausted from the

Stream of men led to her


 by the owner



The girl waited

 chatted with me

She held out her hand

And touched my cheek

So pretty she said, so pretty.



There was no door

 only a flimsy

Diaphanous cloth

 waiting for some

One to push it aside,

 prance hiss

And hurdle her

 to the well worn mattress



I would go

 and sit with the others

Until it was all over

Then return

She would ask

 me questions

About of all things

 Romeo and Juliet

Was it true, was it true?

I stammered

it was an old story

But yes it was true

She sighed in relief

There was life outside

This cage

here i was

To tell her about it!


She reached under

 her mattress

And offered me

 a sweet she had

Been saving


A lumpy yellow moon

 swaying in

The sky as I left

 the house

The smells became clear

 her anguish and

Her joy filled my mind


As she said tell someone

I think they don’t know.

So I tell.

About the Author

the crow is Bashka"s muse and daemon they have been watching and observing with great curiosity rhw world ever since they can remember. She is distinguished by her soups and her ability to be delighted by random things.

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Submitted: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 Time: 3:26 PM