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gods galore!

Article Submitted By: JoseLarge
Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 Time: 4:19 PM

don't put shiva in the bedroom
he will only bring you grief....
he is a most destructive god
tho' his rage is swift and brief

saraswati's good for yoga
she's the holder of the muse

while laxmi is the goddess
for good fortune and good news

ganesh is for the doorway
he will keep your sins at bay
but he must be bought on tueday
and someone else must paY!

brahma is creation
he loves the butterflies
that swoop with animation
then sail away to die.....

hanuman's the monkey god
he's good for yoga too....
as you twist and turn upon the ropes
you know he's close to you..

krishna is the lover
who likes to go to war
both sides of the yin and yang
with cowgirls by the score

arjuna was the brother
who seemed to have more sense

govinda was another
their beauty heaven sent

drona was a marksman
who held fast to his bow

while sweet parvati loved no other
than the shiva that we know

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Submitted: Sun, 26 May 2013 Time: 4:19 PM