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Drinking Chai and The Giant Buddha of Bamijan

Article Submitted By: BashkaJacobs
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 Time: 3:54 PM


Bamijan Afghanistan

The Giant Buddha and drinking chai



In the valley of the Hindu Kush

Below the purple and white

Peaks sits a place of dark

Rich colors and

 Quiet  that surrounds

The Standing Giant   Buddha

Carved in stone

Among the caves

Where monks used to meditate

The Buddha no longer has

Neither its head nor its hands

He has been blinded by

Muslims over centuries

 but he continues

To stare all seeing

Beyond time.


how many days i returned

there to sit near the feet

of the Giant Buddha

listening to the stillness!

tribes people walked by

with their animals

unseeing not noticing


the thin air of the mountains


your senses as you moved

among the starkness of the

landscape that i likened to

the moon.

we were all tiny motes

next to this paean in stone

that had lasted it seemed

since time began

everything around the giant Buddha

had dissolved long ago into a well

of oblivion

yet there he stood

Despite the violence






It is here in this village


We sipped tea from

A samovar

And watched a small

Man dance until he became

Both a bird and a women

Egged on by rude soldiers

His frail body metamorphosed

Into such sweetness of ethereal


We never noticed until

Later that he was bald

And toothless

So complete had his

Transformation had been.

About the Author

bashka and her muse enjoy drinking Chai as well as roving the green metropolis of her garden together, remembering the stories from long ago.

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