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Bombay Slum by bashka jacobs

Article Submitted By: BashkaJacobs
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 Time: 3:43 PM

Another design

Bombay Slum

Small fires in the city streets

Send curling smoke

Between the dense buildings

Making a funnel that moves

On the wind

Debris and dumpsters

Provide living space for

The old men with


And the rats that become

Pets and do the scouting

For bits of food

Long lies wait in

The burning eyes of

Children that can not

See the resurrections

Distorted by hopes of

Some voyage

They are unable

 to contemplate

The ends of

thier many

lives but they

see the distortion

of every day

as they beg



 it is the time

of beginnings

a few paisa

for these dirty


children of the slums

 dressed in

 once white rags

they haul thier treasures

past thier paper

shack homes with

bits of corrgugated

 iron with

the smells of

jasmine mingling

with the stench

and flowers on

the makeshift alter


walk these

children gingerly among

the debris and the

people who crowd

thiegh to thiegh

women carrying buckets

of dirty water


men begin the smoke

for the

evening meal


on thier haunches

they move among

 broken limbs

turning corners


Lobeless ears

Like scattered sea shells

Listening to music

Like colored spirals

dispersing in the


they stare at

the skies and

the ocean

they sing at the

upcoming storm 

a sound so simple

full of joy


it makes me weep

About the Author

basha muse and daemon is the crow, they presently have hordes of poems jostling each other waiting for the words to be written so they can go and watch the moon and contemplate the inner tides.

Rating: 3.0


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Submitted: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 Time: 3:43 PM