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A quiet day outside of Taipei a crow remembering by bashka jacobs

Article Submitted By: BashkaJacobs
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 Time: 4:05 PM

Just a quiet day

Sitting in the hot tub

Fed by a sulfur spring

Outside of Taipei

Looking out of the long open windows

The waves of grass

Covered the mountain

And moved like swells in the sea

There was no wind in our faces

Just the biting steam

Warming our bones

The wealthy house of a friend

Of a friend

Who included me

In this retreat

We sat

All women


Quiet but fully awake


Birds without feathers

Exercising their slim elegant legs

Beating them in the water



In the center of the main room

Stood a wooden gazebo

That was almost all bed

It was here

That the food

Brought from Taipei

Was unwrapped

Smelled and eaten

With laughter

We stretched our bodies

On the coolness of the floor

And took deep breaths

As if it were to be

Our Last



The women

Dressed with simple elegance

Had nothing much

To say

I watched and admired

Their middle-aged beauty

Serene and uncompromising

But their eyes

Revealed shadows

Of long past journeys

Through bleakness and squalor

Journeys only hinted at

In stories

Briefly shared

Of the sharp strangeness

Of another time

Stories they carried

As black haired women


With tiny twisted feet

That could only sway and hobble

Exciting the men

To desire

Mothers betrayed daughters

With the bindings

That would cripple them for life


But that was long ago

Their mothers’ mother mother

Now they sat

With their foreign teacher

In sneakers

And laughed

About the Author

Bashka enjoys a good hot soak when she can and has sat in the hot springs from California to Indonesia but loved Hamams despite the fact that she thought the wielding attendents would erase her skin.

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