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How to Submit

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not post in the top-level categories, you must select a sub-category to post your article in!

We suggest you prepare your article in advance & have the text saved on your local computer (you do not want to write a long article online & then find the site has lost contact & you have lost your work).

Prepare the text locally & save it - only then should you think about uploading it.

Once you have got your text pasted into the article, first select a sub-category for the post.

This could be, for example, Category 'TRAVEL', sub-category 'Recent'

You can add tags & keywords to help people to find your article.

You can 'SAVE DRAFT' at any time to save your article as a draft. This means you can come back later & do more work on your article before publishing.

When you are ready, hit 'PUBLISH' - your article will then go to the administrators to be approved.

Once you have published a couple of articles, they will go directly up on the site, as we'll consider you a trusted source after two published articles.

You can edit your Article even after it has been published if you notice any problems with it or want to edit it further.



1. Choose a sub-category before saving your or publishing your work.

2. Add keywords and tags for easy searching.

3. Save as Draft to continue preparing your article later.

4. You can edit after publishing an article.



Images can be added, a two-step process,

First you upload the image from your computer to the server, it will then be in your MEDIA library with any other image already uploaded.

Second you insert the image into the article.

Images will always be on the left-hand side (hopefully an update soon may add right-side positioning).

Once inserted you can drag the image size to make it larger or smaller. You can also delete images from Articles.


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